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There's still time to sign up for this year's race, the trails are in such great condition, snow and ice is long gone, this is your chance!

Join us for Pound the Mound Foot Race at Blue Mound State Park! Proceeds go to the Friends of Blue Mounds State Park. Co -Sponsored by Parks and Trail Council of Minnesota. Choose from 10, 20, or 30 mile distance options in a loop course through beautiful Blue Mounds! Each loop is approximately 10.2 miles and 700 feet elevation gain. Peoples watches seem to vary a bit on this. The Start line for the 3 loop distance is set up to ensure a 50k distance.

Join us on the Mound! 

What's included with your registration?

  • T-shirt

  • A free beer on us at packet pickup

  • Locally made sandwiches.

  • A well-organized race 

  • Recognition for multi-year runners - Stay tuned!

  • Follow us on Facebook for more. 

2024 SHIRTS!!!

2024 shirt.jpg
  • Introducing the 2024 Pound the Mound shirt design, a creation that truly captures the essence of the event. A special thank you to 9th Street Designs for always delivering imaginative and engaging visuals!

  • We are going back to Bella Canvas T-shirts, fyi



10 Miles - 20 Miles - 30 Miles

Located in the Southwest corner of Minnesota and a haven for area rock climbers with its 100 ft Sioux Quartzite cliff face, Blue Mounds State Park is home to an expansive diversity of wildlife, wildflowers and geographical features. Here is your chance to immerse yourself in the beautiful prairie made famous by photographer Jim Brandenburg.

Run through expansive tallgrass prairie grasses, home to a herd of bison, challenge yourself on the trails that traverse the cliff line, the same feature that lends its name to the park as it appeared blue to the settlers in the mid to late 1800s as they travelled West.

Complete three laps, and at 30 miles this is the perfect distance to claim bragging rights as an Ultrarunner!

quarry 2.jpg
Heading into the quarry
Quarry area
Trail to the Quarry
Luverne View


We are thankful to those that support our race

The Parks and Trails Council of Minnesota, support your Parks and Trails, without them we wouldn't be able to provide these incredible races, by funding, promoting and investing in the parks and trails of Minnesota the council have helped to acquire over 10,000 acres, adding critical land to sustain our recreational future in Minnesota.

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